Achieving goals together

Obtain landmarks in 3D



Each person has the opportunity to explore the city and see retail, hotels, restaurants, museums and other attractions in 3D.

Counteract online shopping



Show how attractive your business and your city are. More and more smaller communities and retailers suffer from the fact that it draws customers to the larger cities. While convenient ordering on the Internet is comfortable, it neglects the appeal of retail shopping.

Let the customer be curious about your business instead of ordering on the web.

Show your customers that you exist!

According to the IHK, many inhabitants have become “city blind”, they often do not know about the current offers and services in their own city. Change your position and make yourself visible to your customers!


We make sure that even these customers will find you with all your attractive offers!


For textile and other companies with a changing product range, we also offer optional subscription flats to to show the current spring, summer, autumn and winter collections.


The aim is that EVERY one takes part who wants to focus on their own business and their own city. Furthermore we want to show that almost everything that your heart desires, can be found locally.


Thanks to the high number of partners, we can offer you a service that quickly travels to the four-digit area with competitors at a manageable price that is advantageous to you, and that without many years of commitment. Just test us out for a year, starting at just € 99, -! Just go to our shop!


Also, talk to your local advertising community. In cooperation with this we can offer a special package starting at Euro 0, – €!


Our business is based on the intention of a long-term cooperation. If you have any questions or Issues, feel free to contact us! Just click on contact …

The goal is the complete digitization of your city in 3D optics!